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I offer the following as an idea about what to expect as we work on your wedding invitations!
Please Note!  This is just a GUIDELINE.  Your experience may be different.  I try to be flexible!

Timing: 6-12 months before the wedding is ideal, but if your wedding is closer, please don't hesitate to ask - I may have flexibility in my schedule.


What happens:

Introductions (either via email or in person)!  I am a real, live person, and so are you!  I enjoy getting to know my clients.  If you are local to the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, and would like to stop by, you are welcome to make an appointment - but I understand that it is not always convenient.  Many times, I do all my work exclusively over email without ever speaking directly to a client.


Information gathering: Before we start designing your invitation, it's best to know when your wedding date is, colors/themes, the venue, a rough idea of how many you need to order and a general sense of what your budget for the invitations will be.  I will design an invitation based on these details.

Reserve Your Date


Timing: 6-12 months before the wedding


What happens: I request a $50 deposit to hold your date.  Because I am a <really> small business, I can only take a handful of weddings each month, and once my schedule is full, I have to turn away clients.  The $50 is a small agreement between us that you will order your invitations from me.

Fill in the Details


Timing: 4-12 months before the wedding


What happens: As you figure out details (hotel blocks, times, etc.), you send me the information, and I will update your digital proofs.  Eventually, we will have a complete digital draft; at that time, I will make a "physical sample," take photos, and at your request, send that sample to you.  We will lock down colors, fonts,materials, wording - all the nuts and bolts of your custom invitations.




Deposit/Supply Order

Timing: 4.5 months before the wedding


What happens:  You give me your final order number (you should have your guest list somewhat finalized - not the addresses, but who you are planning to invite). This is also when I ask for the full deposit to be completed - the full deposit is 50% of the expected invitation total, and 100% of the postage cost (if you are having me send them out).



Timing: 2-4 months before the wedding (timing depends upon agreed upon delivery)


What happens: Printing/production happens during this time. You will see final digital proofs and be asked for final permission on each printed piece before I print. Once you give final permission for me to print, if any adjustments need to be made, I will ask you to pay the cost of re-prints/etc.


The Process ... What Should I Expect?

Invitation Delivery

Timing: 6-12 weeks before the wedding (timing depends upon agreed upon delivery)


What happens: Depending on our arrangement, your invitations will either be picked up, shipped or I stuff/stamp/send from here!


Programs & Other Reception Accessories!

Timing: Between the wedding and when the invitations go out


What happens: Time to work on all the rest of the fun things for the wedding!  The process is similar to above, just a shorter timeframe and a few less steps.


You Get Married!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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